World Dairy Expo Is Right Around the Corner

2017 marks the 51st anniversary of World Dairy Expo. Last year WDE celebrated its 50th anniversary by remembering the past 50 years of growth and change. It is hard to believe how much the event has changed in that time, and how many memories have been made.

The first Expo was held in 1966 in the newly built Colosseum. At tha

The very first Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo

t time, the event was called the World Food Expo and was a ten day long show. The first few years featured events such as the dairy show, and a tractor pull, as well as nightly live music. The Expo was trying to pull interested crowds in off the street.


By 1970, the board behind the Expo realized they could not draw the

crowds they wanted from the city and changed the event to cater to the dairy industry.

That year the name of the show was changed to the World Dairy Expo, and and the expo we all know and love started to form. The show was shortened to a 5 day event, and the trade show was founded. Windrift Countess Nora was named as the very first Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo that year.

By 1990, the show had grown to over 1700 animals and 700 booths in the trade show.

Today, World Dairy Expo is a staple in the Dairy industry, it would be hard to imagine a year without it. It is a great opportunity to connect with other members of the dairy industry and to learn about new technologies and opportunities available to farmers. We come together as and industry to learn from one another and to take a much needed break from the hard work that comes with being a dairy farmer, and of course to see the best of the best cows from around the country.

WDE 2017 is just around the corner, starting on October 3rd. Entries are closed, and trade show exhibitors are doing the final check lists to make sure they’ve gotten everything ready to go. Plans are being made to attend and relief milkers are being lined up. Are you ready to Discover new Dairy Worlds this year?

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