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During the last proofs we added several new bulls to our holstein catalog and also to our colored breeds catalog. I’ll share with you today our holstein additions.

New Holstein bulls;

Fourdiamondb Royal Rex 504HO4060  He is a potential 18th generation Excellent Jabir son. An aAa code of 561432, GTPI 2399, positive component percents, PL 6.1 DPR 4.8 & SCS 2.58 all near the top of the breed.

Fourdiamondb Royal Rex-ET

Fourdiamondb Royal Rex-ET







Josey-LLC Jabir Standout-ET 504HO4059  A Jabir son from the popular VG-85 Sudan daughter Dymentholm Sunview Skye-ET, #8 Sudan and #20 fat cow, with MGD Planet Silk. Standouts GTPI 2462, NM$ 621 & 126lbs combined fat and protein with positive percent and high health traits PL 3.5. DPR 1.8, aAa 534162.

Josey-LLC Jabir Standout-ET

Josey-LLC Jabir Standout-ET







Bosside Bruno P-ET 504HO4055  One of the highest poled RC sons of Golden PP-Red from the 88 point Ms Bremer M-O-Man Brisk-ET 2-05 2x 365d 30,350M 4.4 1,340F 3.5 1,062P (Maternal sister to the high typejbull Mars Yorick). GTPI 2151, positive health traits, plus components, polled, RC and a cow family to back him up. aAa 432561

HMB8867 Bosside Bruno P-ETweb






Lambrecht Jackman Aussie-ET 504HO4057  A Jackman son from the VG-85 Lambrecht Bookem Annisa-ET 2-02 2x 365d 43,660M 5.9 2,576F 3.3 1,425P. 1st National Fat and 1st WI Fat records, second and third dams by Shottle & Adam are both living and producing well. Aussie has a GTPI of 2342, Milk 1261, NM$ 527, PL 4.3 DPR 1.7 and aAa 432516.

HMB8866 Lambrecht Jackman Aussie-ETweb


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