Two New Proven Sires at GGR

August proofs have come and gone, leaving GGR with two newly proven sires in our lineup. Way-Ok Supersonic Gable and Gehrke Johansson Sawyer have both made the list of proven sires and we couldn’t be happier.

Way-Ok Supersonic Gable

Gable has made quite the name for himself here at GGR and is also available through KI Samen. He was recently scored EX-90 and has a 651 aAa score. He is A2A2 and boasts impressive health traits. On top of that, he is an outcross sire and is a grandson of Schillview M  Toto Geanie-ET EX-90, who made just short of 40,000 lbs of milk at 3-1.

Gehrke Johansson Sawyer-ET

Sawyer also boasts great health traits and adds milk to it. He has a 351 aAa and a calving ease of 7.2. He also has a GTPI of 1976. He is great for use on Boliver, Bolton, and Baxter bloodlines.

These two bulls are great additions to GGR’s Proven sire list, and will only get better as they grow.

In addition to the newly proven sires, GGR was very happy to see the proofs on our newest additions to the young sire program. We have some great young bulls that are up and coming.

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