Thoughts on Crossbreeding

Impossium daughter Ballerina

Impossium daughter Ballerina

About 4 years ago we at GGR decided to bring fleckvieh semen from Germany for our company to market. Alot of people at that time had not heard or even thought about crossbreeding. To be able to stay in business these days, as every dairyman knows we need every penny we can earn just to keep up with the ever increasing daily expenses. So today once again something to think about;

Reasons for considering crossbreeding

  1. Better Conception rates
  2. More forgiving on the quality of the feed
  3. Huge decrease in metabolic problems
  4. Much higher fat and protein
  5. Stay in the herd longer
  6. Lower somatic cell rates
  7. Better foot & leg health
  8. More money for the beef
  9. More money for bull calves
  10. Fewer vet bills
  11. Heifers to sell

So just imagine what dairy farming could be like if we could save on expenses, get more money for our product, have healthier cattle and make more money.  If you would like to know more about crossbreeding call 866-790-BULL (2855) and ask for Wayne, Rick or Dan.

Wayne Blaser

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