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Just a few things for you to think about for a minute. As everyone is very well aware, many family owned dairies across the United States are struggling to stay in the black. Unfortunately, that may not change for some time, and we all know this can be very stressful.

Keeping in mind that we’d all like to make some money, we all know that is not the primary reason that we do what we do. Farm families know there are other benefits besides the cash that will last longer than any bank account could ever survive. There is a reason that many employers want to hire “farm kids;” working on the family farm, beside your family, is abundant with skills and benefits that are priceless.

Many times in my life, I’ve had to search for optimism; I soon found out that is was right in front of me the entire time. My optimism came from my family. Children and Grandchildren can inspire us all to realize that money, after all, is a poor way to keep score.

Another thing that I want to mention is that you don’t have to be a multi-million dollar company to offer excellent quality sire that will improve herds of any size; just as you do not need to run a multi-million dollar operation to be a successful dairyman.

Case and Point: check out our website. We provide sires that will fit into any breeding program. Our company may seem little in comparison, but we are not small in what we have to offer you.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy harvest season, and Thank you for doing business with us.

-Wayne J Blaser, Owner

Wayne Blaser


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