Selling Out: Two Well-known Farms that are Dispersing

Sales, Sales, Sales. You hear of a new pretty much all the time. Dairy herds that you thought were in it for the long haul are throwing in the hat. Dairy is decreasing, faster than anyone wants to see. It is estimated that Wisconsin alone is losing about 400 dairies each year.

Nobody wants to see small family farms being dispersed, especially here in America’s Dairy land. It’s true, the dairy industry is more efficient on the bigger farms, just look at the herds in California, they produce more milk with less farms, but those farms average 1200 cows. Wisconsin is still home to the small family farms, milking 100 cows or less. We have more than double the amount of farms than California. I am proud of that fact.

However, we are losing dairies more often than most people want to see. Just this month I can think of three herds selling out, two of which have a close tie to Global Genetics.

Willows Edge Holsteins in New Richmond, WI will be dispersing their herd on March 18th. Then at the beginning of April, Indianhead Holsteins in Barron, WI will sell their herd. These two herds have ties to bulls in Global’s line-up.

Willow’s Edge, owned by Henk and Bonnie Van Dyk has been on the dairy scene for many years. They have produced over 350 Excellent cows and have made themselves known at many local and state level shows. Their legacy includes the sire, Willows Edge Fireman, available through Global Genetics.

Fireman is a son of Willows-Edge Bolton Flicker EX-94, she has a long list of show winnings under her belt and is an 8th generation Gold Medal Dam. Flicker has other sons that are in stud at other companies as well.

Indianhead Holsteins, owned by the Schauf family. Their herd has become well-known world-wide for their genetics. They have show winnings at local and state shows as well as Expo. The Indianhead name can be seen in the pedigree of two Global bulls, Avenger and Sunday.

These two bulls share a Maternal Great-Grandam, Indianhead Mendel Mandy-ET EX-91 DOM GMD. The bulls are grandsons of  two of Mandy’s Adam granddaughters, Star Bar Adam Anna (Avenger’s Granddam), and Star Bar Adam Ardisa (Sunday’s Granddam).

When neighbors hear about these types of sales,  many don’t want to believe it at first. These two farms were quite successful at what they did, but that will now end. Now people will be asking themselves the question, “Will I take home a piece of their success from the sale?”

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