Murphy - 504HO01005

Murphy - 504HO01005


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MURPHY  NL 899849362

A. I. code 36880 100% HF

DOB:  2/09/2011

aAa code 615243

Kappa casein  AB


LONAR  DE 811067


MATHILDE 64  NL 493545040

2/04 695D 21,066 kg 4.34% 3.61%


MATHILDE 40  NL 342388541

7/02 384D 14,270 kg 4.16% 3.45%


​Additional Details

Are you looking for a witrik (lineback) bull of extraordinary level?

Murphy (Lonar X Shogun PS X Cello) is the one you are looking for!

He knows a long line of influential proven bulls in his pedigree (bulls

like Juror, Tesk and Inspiration for example). Most of these bulls are

also sire of sires.  Above all, Murphy's maternal line (the Mathilde's)

is a line with solid conformation and extreme high longevity.


Murphy - 504HO01005   -2 -1  0  1  2  
Stature Short     Tall 0
Strength Frail     Strong 0
Body Depth Shallow     Deep 0
Dairy Form Tight Rib     Open Rib 0
Rump Angle High Ang     Stoped 0
Thuri Width Narrow     Wide 0
R Legs Side Straight     Curved 0
R Legs Rear Hock In     Straight 0
Foot Angle Low     Steep 0
Feet & Legs Low     High 0
Fore Udder Loose     Strong 0
R Udder Height Low     High 0
R Udder Width Narrow     Wide 0
Udder Cleft Weak     Strong 0
Udder Depth Deep     Shallow 0
F Teat PL Wide     Close 0
R Teat PL Wide     Close 0
Teat Length Short     Long 0
Murphy - 504HO01005   -2 -1  0  1  2  
Murphy - 504HO01005 NAAB: 504HO1005 Pedigree: Lonar x Shogun PS x Cello View Details
RHA Country Reg CC Dtrs Hrds Milk Fat %Fat Pro %Pro %Rel Type UC F&LC %Rel PL DPR NM$ SCS TPI CE SSB DSB aAa DMS
Netherlands NL 899849362 ¼
Dam: Mathilde 64 VG-86 Dam: Mathilde 64 VG-86
Dam: Mathilde 64 Dam: Mathilde 64
Murphy - 504HO01005
Murphy - 504HO01005