National Milk Day

Today, January 11th, is National Milk Day; a day to celebrate the beginning of milk being delivered to family homes in sterilized glass bottles in 1878.

Our industry has come a very long way since that day in 1878; today you may have to drive to the store to pick up your gallon of 2%, but you can always be assured that the milk you are getting is a safe and healthy addition to your family’s diet.

I believe #NationalMilkDay has a lot more to celebrate today in the industry. We have come a long way, continuously improving the industry standards to create an ever more safe product. We are finding new genetics that improve the glass of milk that we a crave (A2A2, anyone?) And more than anything, we are still here.

With all the hype to drop dairy and slander that is thrown at the dairy industry every day, it makes being a farmer an even more difficult feat. We fight every day to keep our industry moving forward. We fight for our livelihood and the animals we love. But it is hard.

So, today when you sit down to dinner with that big glass of delicious, nutritious milk; take a minute to be proud of the industry you are a part of. Give yourself the praise you deserve to be fighting as hard as you do; because at the end of the day, the dairy industry is still moving forward.

Happy National Milk Day to all.

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