National Ag Day 2018

This year, not only does today mark the first official day of spring, but it is also National Ag Day. National Ag Day is on a different date every year, but always falls during National Agriculture Week.  I think this year’s theme for the week speaks very strongly, especially to the dairy industry. This year’s theme is Agriculture: Food for Life.

There are many many sectors of agriculture, but when it comes to producing food for the consumer, you cannot forget the dairy industry. How could you? I mean, come on, we are the reason consumers can buy cheese. Enough said.

Milk and Dairy is one of the most nutrient dense food groups available to the consumer, and though many have tried, there is no disputing the health benefits of milk and other dairy products. Many companies have tried to make imitations to the true dairy products available, but no matter how hard they try, they cannot match the benefits or taste of a glass of real milk. Not to mention, cheeses and other “dairy” products made from imitation milk is nothing compared to the original. Granted, my taste buds are a bit biased, so if you’re reading this and you enjoy the taste of these products, that is your preference.

So this week, as you’re celebrating Ag week, however that may be, take a moment to celebrate the dairy industry; buy a bottle of chocolate milk or an ice cream cone. If you milk cows, then go give the girls a bit of extra love for making the dairy products that are truly a food for life.

source: Dairy Good Life

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