June Dairy Month is a Great Time for Ag-vocation

June Dairy Month is now upon us; and if you are like me, this month means quite a bit to you. With all of the negativity surrounding the dairy industry today, I look forward to a month where we, as farmers, can share a positive side of the dairy industry. This month gives plenty of opportunity to advocate for the industry we are a part of.

That’s what June Dairy Month was created for in 1937, to encourage the consumption of milk and other dairy products. Granted, today’s June Dairy Month events are geared more towards educating the general public about where and how their milk is produced, it still does encourage the consumption of dairy, right?

Events geared towards introducing non-farming community members to the local farmers gives them a chance to talk to a professional in the industry. If you want to know the facts about something, you go to a professional in the field, right? Well, why not use local farmers as your professional, they are quite literally in the field!

It doesn’t matter what the event is, a dairy breakfast, county fair, petting zoo, these people do want to know what the industry is like, they want to meet farmers (granted there are those who don’t, but let’s focus on the people who we can make a difference with).

Taken at an FFA judging contest with my buddy for the day

I love starting these types of conversations with “city people.” I like answering their questions and telling them about my cows. Some of my favorite memories are from my

county fair days when kids would come up to ask if they could pet your cow and their parents would take pictures and ask all the typical questions, like “why is she so skinny?”

Just that little bit of exposure can go a long ways from keeping them from falling for animal rights group’s “Go Vegan” campaigns. If that city person feels they can trust their local farmers, they will be more likely to question the truthfulness of the video and not jump on a bandwagon.


I guess the moral of this post is that June is a great time to advocate for agriculture, with all the great opportunities and

Farm tours are a great way to start the conversation!
Courtesy of the Bean Blog

events that take place. We need to join the conversation and June Dairy Month events are a great place to start. So go to your local dairy breakfast, share a couple facts on Facebook, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you join the conversation.

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