How they Score

West-Croix Holsteins, New Richmond, Wisconsin just classified their first eight Global Genetic Resources sired two-year olds with great results!!  Chris Van Dyk reports three 504HO4009 RADER-Red daughters scoring 83, 85 & 87 points. Then a 504HO4001 RUFUS daughter goes VG-85, two 504HO4008 AMOS daughters 83 & 85 points!  Rounding out the day was two 504HO4014 LUCK daughters going 83 & 85. All these daughters were first time scored two-year olds. That would make 5 out of 8 daughters scouring Very Good! Great job Chris!!!amos 001HM21584 Savage-Leigh Golden Luck-ETHM23106 Astrahoe Duplex Rufus-ETrader

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