Featuring: Pinehurst Royal Rosa

Occasionally a family of cows comes along and makes history. They produce an Expo champion, or  an individual breaks a production record. In the case of Pinehurst Royal Rosa, her family became the first family to produce 17 generations of excellent cows. Royal Rosa is the 12th generation of excellence in the family.

The family line starts with a cow by the name of Audrey Posch, born in 1937. She was scored EX-93 2E. Audrey Posch became a Gold Medal Dam after breaking the fat production record at the age of 14, producing over 1000 pounds of fat in her lifetime. The family line continues until Golden-Rose Atwood Ritzi EX-90, who is the 17th generation excellent cow. The family includes more than 20 excellent cows and will undoubtedly lead to more.

Pinehurst Royal Rosa is of special importance to Global Genetics because we currently offer 3 bulls that can be directly traced back to her. Of these three, 2 have been scored excellent and the third has the potential to be an 18th generation excellent bull.

Astrahoe Duplex Ro Rufus – ET EX-91 was the first bull available through Global Genetics. He is the first 15th generation excellent bull, with 3 generations of excellent mammary systems behind him. He also has a full sister that was given the title of first 15th generation excellent cow. Rufus currently has more than 500 daughters in almost 300 herds.

Castleholm R Rader-Red-ET EX-90 has been available through Global Genetics since 2007. He is the very first 14th generation excellent Red Holstein and is a maternal grandson of Royal Rosa. Rader currently has more than 150 daughters in 91 herds.

The last bull that follows the Royal Red lineage is a young sire by the name of Fourdiamondb Royal Rex-ET. Royal Rex is currently scored at VG-85 at just under 3 years old, but has the potential of becoming an 18th generation bull. Royal Rex has made a big impact with impressive aAa numbers (561432) and a strong family behind him.

In addition to the abundance of excellence that surrounds these bulls, they belong to a family that is easy to work with. The Royal Rosa family is an even tempered family that is easy to milk, move and be around.

In honor of Royal Rosa and the family that has been created, Global will be running a special on the 3 bulls above for the month of February. Starting today, the bulls will be offered at a sale price:

Rufus and Rader will be available at $5 per unit and Royal Rex will be available at $15 per unit.

To take advantage of this special pricing, or if you have any questions about the bulls, please call the office at 866-790-BULL (2855).  We can also ship straight to your farm.

Audrey Posch EX-93 2E

Astrahoe Duplex Ro Rufus – ET EX 91

Castleholm R Rader-Red-ET EX-90

Fourdiamondb Royal Rex-ET VG-88


Pinehurst Royal Rosa EX-91 2E


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