Farm Tech Days 2017

Global Genetic Resources representatives returned home last night from WI Farm Technology Days 2017 in Kewaunee County. This year was the first year that I attended a Farm Tech show as a member of the GGR team, and it was quite the educational experience.


Here are 3 things I learned at Farm Tech 2017:

  1. People are curious about the Fleckvieh Breed. One of the biggest draws to the booth was “oh, you have those Fleckvieh cows?” They are an interesting breed and they have caught the eye of many producers.
  2. aAa mating is still popular. Many people can still see the benefits of this mating program.  They find it works well for their herd and are happy to find studs that cater to the aAa numbers. Genomics might be making a big splash, but the old ways are still relevant.
  3. Dan and Rick know everybody! It was fun to see many of the customers that know Dan and Rick from past sales or meetings. The stories and the jokes made the day more interesting. On top of that, hearing about their experiences with GGR bulls and the daughters they have gotten is very educational. I enjoy hearing others’ experiences.

I have always enjoyed going to trade shows as a visitor and talking to the different people at the booths. Being on the opposite side of that spectrum is even more enjoyable. The experience is unforgettable and I look forward to the next show.

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