Kingly RF - 504HO01007

Kingly RF - 504HO01007


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NAAB:  - 504HO01007

HB# NL 604728511

A.I. code: 36774

DOB: 01/16/2009

aAa: 126

Kappa Casein: AB

Sire: Erfgooyer Kees 02/20/1997  NL182068849

Dam: Dora 32 08/30/2003  NL 373900763
2-00 502d 10686 kg 4.92% 4.12%
3-08 430d 12276 kg 4.49% 3.90%
5-05 405d 11706 kg 4.15% 3.76%
 Ext: 80 86 86 VG-84

MGD: Dora 28   10/20/2001  NL 331496972
Lifetime Productions so far (6 lact.):
(1957d) 57938 kg 4.40% 3.71%
 Ext: 80 86 87 VG-85

Additional Details

  • Fat +0.15%
  • Protein +0.9%
  • Calving Ease 2.4

High Percentages, the golden cross Kian x Lightning AND lineback, this all can be found

in the bull Raw-Hill Kingly (Kees x Kian x Lightning). On top of that Kingly knows three

generations with protein bulls in a row.


Lineback bull Erfgooyer Kees, sire of Kingly, is a percentages bull pur sang. Kees breeds

moderate sized cows with fine udders and good feet & legs. They can be described as

ideal cows for the Dutch housing circumstances. Cows with average fertility and a very

good udder health. Further striking is the very good persistency, extreme late maturity

and sky-high scores for longevity.


Kingly's dam Dora 32 origins from the very successful combination Kian x Lightning.

Some of currents best red & white proven bulls have this similar cross. The thing

which both bulls have in common (positive protein and very good feet & legs) can be

recognized in Kingly's dam (Dora 32) and granddam Dora 28 as well. They score an

average protein level of 3.7% and 3.68% (in 305 days) and 86 and 87 points for

feet & legs respectively. Besides this, the longevity is in the Dora family and very

good - resulting in high lifetime productions. All together qualities which fit great

in today's Holstein and Red Holstein population and a beautiful alternative for the

lineback segment.

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