Heifer Plus ¼'s

Heifer Plus ¼'s


You can order by phone: 866-790-BULL

A new semen sexing agent. Simple to use, everything you need for sexing a single straw of frozen bull semen is contained within the vial. Semen is thawed as usual and then mixed in the HEIFERPLUS vial. Incubate for 20 minutes and the sexed semen is ready for insemination.

How does it work?

The sexing process "stimulates" the motility of the X-chromosome bearing (female) sperm while "slowing" the motility of the Y-chromosome bearing (male) sperm. When inseminated, the female sperm arrive at the point of fertilization (ovum) before the male sperm. The result is more ova fertilized by the X-bearing sperm... producing more heifer calves.

Are pregnancy rates affected?

Our research team and the experience of cattle producers using HEIFERPLUS have shown that pregnancy rates are excellent using this product. Many producers are reporting an 5-10% increase in conception rates! Handling Instructions: Protect from light, heat, and moisture during storage and transport. We recommend transporting the product in a cool, insulated container. Storage: Store in refrigerator (5oC) for up to 6 months. For long-term storage, keep in the freezer (at or below -20oC) for up to one year. Expiration date: HEIFERPLUS is a biopharmaceutical agent that is warranted from expiration for at least 1 year from date of manufacture. Improper handling or storage will void this warrant.

Sold by 10 per pack

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